100% stranded cotton threads, hand dyed with textile dyes, for embroidery and cross stitch. 8 meters / skein. Rinsed in neutral scent after dye. Wash is not recommended. Be aware that colours may appear differently on different computer monitors, but every effort has been made to portray them as accurately as possible (displaying them on white background). To help you with identification of colours, the indicative DMC codes of closest shades are marked on the pictures. Please check similar shades of silk threads, silk ribbons, laces and ric-rac to make your project more detailed and rich! The threads are dyed in small quantities so slight differences in hue of different rations might be detectible. If you plan for a big project, please take notice of this! Wash is NOT recommended. The regular colours are always available but can be temporarily out of stock for a few days. One skein (8 meters) price: 2.65 EUR. It is possible to request 4 meters half skeins of the permanent colours for price EUR 1.40 / 4m skein.