Welcome to Nina’s Threads! Here you can find hand dyed, artisan knitting yarns, fibers for spinning, embroidery threads and other materials for cross stitch. All of them are made of high quality commodities, with heart and soul, dyed with my hands only. Please follow my facebook page for news! Singing up for newsletter will be available soon.

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About Nina

Nina's Threads is an independent artisan dyeing studio, located in Budapest, Hungary. Everything has started with the love of cross stitching using fine hand dyed materials and tonal colours. This love and discovery led me to create my own colours. After many years of stitching, a new hobby came into my life, knitting. So it was the natural next step to experiment with dyeing yarn. Dyeing is my love and passion. Creating colours is my fun beyond fantasy. We make and handle our products with love and care. Now it's your turn to have your creative way with them. We use only the highest quality of materials and we are always looking for new ones.